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Shall We Bing Him?

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Shall We Bing Him?

Post by sistercruz on Mon Jun 01, 2015 8:47 pm

I have a curious plan. Are you willing to see what comes of this ever so small idea?
Google is where most everyone gets their information. And since all the other candidates more then likely will get hits on this search engine I am suggesting that Ted Cruz supporters use for ours. But that is not to say, Not to use Google. But I think if the masses can come together and blow up Bing for the searching on Ted Cruz, his name can get out their media wise, and get more people talking about Ted Cruz, causing his name to be vassily recognized in the social media arena.

This is an easy "volunteer" for his campaign to get his name out their and become recognized.

Here in California not many people know who Ted Cruz is. I am doing my best as solo individual. But more importantantly, I am not hearing his name mentioned much in the main stream media, let alone the political medias, like FNC, CNN not even MSNBC.

I am hearing more about Walker, Rubio & Bush, two of which aren't even officially in the race. How is it that two can be with the highest of point average to win the nomination, when they are not even officially in the race?

Ted Cruz was the first to announce, yet still, the average voter across the USA still has not heard of his name. We supporters need to work harder, think outside the box (of Cruz's official team campaign and his schedule.)

This Bing thing may sound stupid. But if Ted Cruz supporters can blow up the search engine by way of his name, and if this blow up can get media recognition, then this is a free campaign way Ted Cruz's name can get out to those that haven't heard of him.

*Plus as of now, Bing does not data collect your personal information, where Google does. (And if I am not mistaken, Bing was created by a Conservative Republican, Google was created and ran by a Democrat, let alone the body of employees are too.)

A Ted Cruz Supporter
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