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Can we reach the Rand/Ron Paul voter?

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Can we reach the Rand/Ron Paul voter?

Post by sistercruz on Mon Apr 06, 2015 1:26 pm

They're usually younger voters and tend to be libertarian rather than Republican. Sen Cruz would be very appealing to them on a no of levels but Rand Paul is more of an isolationist and leans towards the Democratic platform on some issues. That's my take.I also think with ppl being a little war weary these days a more isolationist position might be appealing. Especially to the younger vote.You may agree or not. Regardless how can we reach out to the younger voters and swing them from Paul to Cruz? Not an easy task. If you have any ideas love to hear em.BTW This is not a criticism of Dr Paul. Just a critique.Wish we could get em onboard with Cruz.


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